Visual Identity

When BongChu had opened the first restaurant in DaeHak-ro area (one of the hottest cultural area in Seoul) in 2000, the interior design of the restaurant had been amazing as well as the food. BongChu Food System had focused on the creative interior design for the customers to enjoy of having meal in the best cultural space. Designer Heegon Yoo of New Environment Design, Co. created the unique and powerful BongChu design. As with the finest materials with exceptional finishes, brass cutlery, whether lighting, and the porcelain dinnerware. The unique BongChu modern Zen style interior design with the taste of the food has been loved by many consumers since 2000.


More Refined and Luxurious Interior Design

A lot of the market trend and customers’ favor has been changed since we launched the first store in 2000. Going back to the original intention of 17 years ago, we are trying to changes ourselves to lead the market trend and to meet the customers’ expectation in the fast changing environment. The new clothes BongChu will be represented by the neoclassicism. We are keeping the principles of the BongChu-native interior design which is the classic consideration of the current taste for elegant interior design oriented.