First Restaurant opened in October 2000

In the year 2000, the eye-catching neat and modern looking restaurant was opened in Daehak-ro, Hyehwa-dong, Seoul. The name of the restaurant was Andong Jjim-Dak (braised chicken) (“Andong braised chicken”). It was a blast in the chicken food industry which has been occupied by seasoned chicken and fried chicken for a long time. To bring the unique taste of the famous braised chicken in Andong, Southern Eastern part of Korea, spent years to prepare a new concept for menus, interior designs, and distribution systems to eliminate the prejudice on normal chicken restaurants which have been recognized as just fast food franchises.


Original Andong BRAISED Chicken - BongChu Chicken


The single item, jjim-dak (braised chicken), and one side dish, dong-chi-mi (watery radish kimchi). This simple combination of food on the menus with the relaxing Zen style interior designed space held the unique identity of Andong braised chicken. With its own rich flavor, Andong braised chicken immediately captured the taste buds of people across the country after opening the first restaurant in Daehak-ro, Seoul.

We applied a service trademark of "Andong Chicken" when we opened the first restaurant in DaeHak-ro. We were told not to use the name because the “Andong" is a proper noun and "jjim-dak” is a proprietary name, so we eventually changed the brand name as BongChu Jjim-Dak (“BongChu Braised Chicken”) in December 2000. Since then, the unexpected happened. The emerging popularity of Andong Chicken took a number of similar (bogus) restaurants. They infringed on our brand originality by copying our system, menu configuration, pictures and interior design to open pseudo-BongChu restaurants.


Power of Originality, the Leading Brand BongChu Chicken

The similar brands who just caught up in the menu and the interior design without distinctive quality were vanished from the market since the second half of 2002. BongChu Food System has become the industry’s leading brand by working hard to keep the management philosophy and the unique taste, and maintaining the self-esteem like the original. More than 170 thriving BongChu restaurants nationwide (as of 2013) keep the same taste and service spirit. BongChu Braised Chicken will continue to do our best to ensure the value of the originality.

The first BongChu Chicken restaurant at DaeHak-ro, Seoul opened in October 2000. 

The first BongChu Chicken restaurant at DaeHak-ro, Seoul opened in October 2000. 


The unique taste of BongChu Braised Chicken comes from the clean and light taste of spicy pepper, the sweetness of every spice, the chewy flavor of jab-chae noodle, and the blend of cool dong-chi-mi (watery radish kimchi).